Biz Start-up Super Sessions​

When: Mon 14 Apr 2014, 7:30pm–8:30pm

Where: Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Dr, Auckland


Ever find yourself asking:

I have got this Idea, but how do I get started?

How do I find my first clients?

What processes should my business have in place?

How much should I spend on getting started?

Which marketing angle best suits my business?

Who can I ask for help if I am unsure?


Inspired by the recently formed “Tuesday Night Business Club”, the Biz Start-up Super Session consists of an interactive 1 hour seminar and follow-up individual consultation. Through this we’ll cover some of the standard challenges and how to avoid the pitfalls of starting-up a new business and advise on ways of how to fast-track you through the mentor process to help grow your business successfully.


You will hear from

Philip – Director - Sterling Business Consultants

“Business is a about helping people to work collaboratively in a community of trust and integrity, with a true understanding of the value and contribution that is meaningful and supports the community and environment in which we live. I have worked for both large multinationals and small family owned companies and draw on a wealth of experience to assist business owners and their teams. “ Philip du Preez BCom MBA ACMA CGMA CPA


Jade – Owner & Designer - Forrest Creative I love my work! I have been in graphics and marketing for 8+ years since my time at Elam’s School of Fine Arts. It’s a strategic and creative area that I enjoy and which I’ll draw on to help advise on some of the successes and pitfalls that come with the marketing game. Starting up on your own can be fun, challenging and often a bit of a gamble. By giving our spin on things and chatting through your ideas on an individual basis, we’ll work with you to get those odds in your favour.


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