The challenge we all find ourselves in is  as a result of  an Economic Model adopted since the 1970's with no sound basis of valuing the true efforts of Human race. No Currency is grounded on  a basic premise of true value. Currency is played as monopoly by large corporate Banks  and wealthy individuals as though the gains and losses have somehow changed overnight by trading actual currency exchange movements across multiple currency's Wefind that goods and services supplied change because of Currency translation manipulation. The time and effort to produce goods and services "true effort" gets undermined while forex dealers and Banks profit at the expense of small business and countries with weak currencies. We now Find ourselves in an unprecedented world  exposure to a Virus that has impacted every country on the Globe a reminder that we do not have the answers to everything and embarking on a journey into the abyiss  without recognising the interdepence of all life forms the Impact on our survival as a species. The fallout from this will result in many a business not having the Cash resources or resilience to Continue operating, once the halt on business activity is lifted. This once in a hundred year experience and we can be thankful that this time it has not been a WORLD WAR. So let us  each pick up the Gaunlet and not be afraid to start again on our life's Journey, our purpose for why we are here and now!

Planning for Success


I agree with William Shakespeare when he said “There is no good or bad, only thinking makes it so.”
Humans have always had two choices: react negatively or react positively. Both take the same energy and effort but only one will be far more productive. You just need to make the choice. Believing yourself and backing yourself is infectious. If you do lose, don’t lose the lesson. Learn, apply and move on. You’ll be better for it. And remember: make things happen!


 All successful people surround themselves with professionals who they trust and can seek advice from and  with whom they can bounce ideas around with. The decison maker is still the CEO or Chairperson of the company. If you want your business to be successful, seek a professional who can help define the Strategy and Direction for your business. From this point on the success is driven by the Implementation of strategies through  the Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting and Controls that are put in place​. All people want to be part of the success! Most modern managers understand that all motivation is driven by great leaders who understand the needs and factors which motivate staff.